Building Tips
The following are basic building tips that will make constructing your BrickGun model (or any LEGO® model) easier. Following a few simple steps will not only make building easier, but will also make your models stronger and ensure they function properly.

• Whenever possible, build on a solid, flat surface
Build on a flat surface Our instructions are laid out to maximize allowing you to do this as much as possible.
Being able to press pieces onto the model using a fair amount of force (while not causing it to implode) is made significantly easier by working on a sturdy tabletop or countertop

• Hang the model off the edge of your work surface
Hang over the edge There are times when portions of the model protrude down (this often happens once triggers are attached).
In these cases, try to work with the flat bottom portion of the model on a flat surface and the descending portion hanging off the edge.

• Connect pieces starting at one end and “lean” them together
Attach pieces starting at one end
Rather than trying to snap two pieces together directly on top of one another, first attach only the studs at one end, then press along the length until they are all secure. Contrary to popular belief, LEGO® bricks and plates should never “snap” together (only Technic pieces do this), instead they should glide together quietly and smoothly.

• Ensure pieces are completely, firmly attached.
Ensure pieces are firmly attached
This is important with any LEGO® models, but especially with BrickGun designs, as the tolerances are very tight and there is usually little spare internal space once we incorporate all the working mechanics. If you leave small gaps between pieces you may find that sections will not fit together properly or are unable to move as expected when the model is complete.

• Use a pencil tip to attach rubber bands
Use a pencil tip or paper clip for rubber bands Using a pointed object, such as a bent paper clip, pencil or pen tip can be helpful when reaching into the model to attach rubber bands.
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