Instruction Downloads
Each BrickGun model comes with a set of downloadable .PDF instructions, detailing all necessary parts and every step of the build process. A complete parts list, both text and graphic, is included which itemizes every piece needed for the complete model. Parts for each step are also displayed, making it clear which pieces are needed and when. The instructions are high-quality (300dpi) and ready for printing if you wish.

The same instructions are also available to purchase as a download only, without buying a kit, so if you already have an extensive parts collection and simply need instructions for building our models, we can accommodate you.

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BrickGun BG22 Instruction Sample
BrickGun Desert Eagle Instruction Sample
BrickGun Complete Version 7.2.0

The BrickGun Complete download contains building instructions and killer graphics for all of our models, including kits which are no longer in production.

Instructions are in .PDF format and can be viewed or printed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader which is included in the download. The files are the same full-color, easy-to-follow instructions that you get when you purchase our model kits.

Includes instructions for the following current models:
BrickGun 1911
BrickGun 92FS
BrickGun BG22 with Magazine
BrickGun Desert Eagle
BrickGun Luger P08
BrickGun MAC-11 (Rubber Band)
BrickGun MP5
BrickGun PPK
BrickGun Python .357

And all of our discontinued models:
The Original BrickGun 92
BrickGun Desert Eagle Mark XIV
BrickGun Standard Pistol
BrickGun Compact Pistol

Plus accessories such as scopes, laser sights, silencers and more!

BrickGun Complete can be downloaded either as a collection of raw files or as a DVD/CD .ISO image, ready to burn in your favorite authoring software. BrickGun Complete contains an auto-run application (PC only) so you simply point and click to view any of the included instructions. (All of the instructions can be accessed directly on a Mac, tablet or any device that can view .PDFs, without using the application)

The application has a quick installer for Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to save you the time and trouble of downloading the latest version.

There are also web links and a link to browse the included graphics files and accessory instructions.
The BrickGun Complete Application Screenshot
BrickGun Complete is also filled with tons of graphics showing off the models.

Slick, high-quality renders from various angles, dramatic closeups and beautifully-lit shots to really show off the BrickGun model you like the best. Desktop wallpapers in all standard resolutions for many of our current models, as well as exclusive renders of the MP5.

Check out the BrickGun Graphics Page for a small sample of the hundreds of graphics included with BrickGun Complete.
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