BrickGun Free Instruction Samples
The BrickGun Team has created a group of accessories for our existing models which include scopes, laser sights, silencers and more. Best of all, we're giving the instructions away for free!

The accessories can be added to one of our models or one of your own creations. They can used for inspiration to design your own items or just to take a peek at what our complete model instructions have to offer. They are all included on the latest version of The BrickGun CD.

Stop by again and again as we'll add more from time to time.

All instructions are in Adobe .PDF format, so you'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view them.

Download them all and have fun building!

Warhammer Storm Bolter Storm Bolter and Single Magazine - (.pdf) - 150Meg

Beretta 92FS with Laser Sight Ninjato - (.pdf) - 33.4Meg

Beretta 92FS with Laser Sight 9mm & 10mm Rounds - (.pdf) - 309K

92FS Laser Sights
BrickGun 9mm with Laser Sight Laser Sight - Version 1.0 - (.pdf) - 496K
Laser Sight - Version 2.0 - (.pdf) - 496K
Laser Sight - Version 3.0 - (.pdf) - 488K

Desert Eagle Field Light
Desert Eagle with Field Light Field Light - Version 1.0 - (.pdf) - 500K

Pistol Scopes
Desert Eagle with Pistol Scope Pistol Scope - Version 1.0 - (.pdf) - 484K
Pistol Scope - Version 2.0 - (.pdf) - 496K

MP5 Scopes, Mounts and Silencer
BrickGun SMG Tactical MP5 Scope Mount - Version 1.0 - (.pdf) - 1.01 meg
MP5 Scope Mount - Version 2.0 - (.pdf) -1.09 meg

Rifle Scope Mount - Version 2.0 - (.pdf) - 504K

Rifle Scope - Version 1.0 - (.pdf) - 1.04 meg
Rifle Scope - Version 2.0 - (.pdf) - 536K

Silencer - Version 1.0 - (.pdf) - 1.22 meg