BrickGun MAC-11 (Rubber Band)
When the MAC-11 is loaded with Rubber Bands, pulling the Trigger fires them one at a time.
The Magazine can be removed, revealing .380 rounds inside.
Up to 5 Rubber Bands can be loaded and then fired semi-automatically.
312 Pieces
The BrickGun MAC-11 (Rubber Band) is a slight departure from our other models in that it gives up a bit of realism for the ability to load and shoot up to 5 rubber bands semi-automatically. Incorporating a ingenious escapement design which allows us to control the rate of fire, just pull the trigger and a rubber band snaps away, the next is then readied for the next shot. The magazine can be removed and inside you can see 2 .380 rounds.

Like all the BrickGun models, the BrickGun MAC-11 is 1:1 scale, fitting in your hand just like an actual MAC-11. It incorporates many of the design details of a real weapon so that it looks and feels as authentic as we believe you can get with plastic building bricks.
Model Features
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BrickGun MAC-11 (Rubber Band) Purchase
312 Pieces

∙ Trigger, Magazine, Shoots Rubber Bands
Includes digital instruction download
Domestic (U.S.)
Kit Information
BrickGun LEGO® Pieces BrickGun MAC-11 (Rubber Band) Instructions
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