Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) • Do you sell/ship to my country?
• What are your shipping policies?
• Will you falsify customs form information so that I don't have to pay fees on an international order?
• Do I have to pay for instructions separately if I order a kit?
• What is your return policy?
• I ordered an instruction download, where is my reply email with a download link?
• What if my shipment is missing pieces?
• Why are some of the Technic® pieces in my kit a different color from the instructions?
• Can I use The BrickGun Book to build a kit purchased from
• Do the guns really shoot (bullets, bricks, etc)?
• Why are the models so expensive? Can you make them cheaper?
• Why doesn't your model have this [insert detail here] or that [insert detail here]?
• Will you make a [insert gun name here] model?
• How long have you been in business?
• Isn't it wrong to make guns out of plastic building bricks? What about the children?

Do you sell/ship to my country?
Yes. We ship everywhere in the world. If you can get a PayPal payment to us then we will ship to you.
What are your shipping policies?
International orders are shipped with customs declarations for the accurate value of the purchase and stated to contain "LEGO® Toys". In over a decade of sales we have never once had a shipment refused due to customs issues with the contents. Certain countries may require you to pay customs fees upon receipt of the package. BrickGun does not initiate these customs charges and we do not collect the money from them, your local postal service does. BrickGun is not responsible for those fees and is not responsible for refunding your purchase if customs does not return the package due to unpaid fees on the part of the recipient. If your package is returned by customs we will only refund the purchase price minus shipping and handling.
BrickGun kits are shipped with tracking or customs information and delivery confirmation. If your shipment confirmation shows to be delivered, we are not responsible and will provide NO REFUND if it was delivered to the wrong address due to the purchaser supplying an incorrect or outdated address on the order. If we have delivery confirmation information showing successful delivery, the issue is out of our hands.
If a package is returned to us as undeliverable because incorrect address information was supplied at the time of purchase (please verify that your PayPal address is updated/correct before submitting an order) we can reship the package, but the customer will be responsible for the second shipping charge that we incur to send it a second time to the correct address.
BrickGun WILL NOT ship to an unconfirmed domestic PayPal address due to fraudulent purchase activity in the past. If you submit an order, make sure your account has a current, accurate, confirmed shipping address first or it will be delayed until you confirm your address/account.
Information on how to confirm your PayPal account address can be found here.
Will you falsify information on the customs forms so that I don't have to pay fees on an international order?
No. Asking us to do so is asking us to commit mail fraud and that isn't going to happen. If you aren't willing to pay your country's customs fees then don't submit an order to us. We aren't going to risk our entire company just for you to save a few dollars.
Do I have to pay for instructions separately if I order a kit?
Of course not! As stated on every model page, and on the Purchases page, an email with a download link will be sent to you immediately following your order of any kit. There is also a packing slip with a download URL and QRCode included in every shipment. It wouldn't make sense to provide you a kit but then not show you how to put it together. :)
What is your return policy?
If you are not satisfied with your kit or find it too difficult to build you can return it to the address listed on the package sent to you (at your expense). Once we have verified the contents are complete and undamaged we will refund your purchase price minus our shipping and handling charges. If the returned kit is incomplete we will deduct a percentage based on the number of missing/damaged pieces.
I ordered an instruction download, where is my reply email with a download link?
Instruction Download purchases are automatically responded to within minutes by our ordering system to the email address tied to the PayPal account used to make the purchase. Please check the inbox of that email address, as the most common reason for someone "not getting their download link" is that they are checking a different email address than the one listed on their PayPal account. Please ensure your PayPal information is updated and correct before making a purchase.
If you have verified that the email address on the account was accurate at the time of purchase, please check your SPAM folder in case our response email was incorrectly sorted there.
Finally, if your email address was verified as correct, nothing was found in SPAM, and you still haven't automatically received your download email within an hour after your order was placed, simply contact us via email and we'll get the response sent to you again ASAP.
What if my shipment is missing pieces?
Each kit is hand packed and verified, but occasionally mistakes slip through. If this occurs we apologize for the inconvenience. We know how frustrating it is to not be able to finish a model due to missing pieces. Simply contact us via email and we'll get the missing pieces shipped out to you ASAP.
Why are some of the Technic pieces a different color from the instructions?
LEGO® will sometimes halt production on a certain part in a particular color, so we are forced to substitute it with the same part in a different color. This never happens with any of the "surface" parts and does affect the outward appearance, but is sometimes necessary for the internal Technic® elements which comprise the mechanical functions of the model. These are generally not seen from the outside but when they are we do our best to minimize their appearance as much as possible.
Can I use The BrickGun Book to build a kit purchased from
Unfortunately, no. Our kits have to evolve from time to time due to LEGO® no longer producing certain parts. The BrickGun Book was released years ago and the kits in it have changed since then. To build a kit purchased from us you'll need to use the version of the instructions downloaded from us using the link provided after your purchase.
Do the guns really shoot (bullets, bricks, etc)?
No. Our models are not meant to be actual weapons; they are simply the most detailed versions of the shape and mechanical functions of a real gun at a real-world scale. We do offer models which shoot rubber bands.
Why are the models so expensive? Can you make them cheaper?
The simple answer is that genuine LEGO® bricks are expensive. The majority of our overhead is comprised of the parts we purchase. Since we aren't manufacturing the pieces we have to pay retail for them; that unfortunately limits how cheaply we can sell them and still make a bit of profit.
You could collect all the necessary parts yourself by buying official LEGO® brick kits, but to get the parts for just one of our models that way would cost you hundreds of dollars. There are also places on the net where you can buy only the bricks you need, but we buy in such bulk that it keeps the cost down. If you were to collect only the parts you need for one of our kits the cost would easily be double what we charge once you pay for shipping on multiple parts orders.
Plus, some of the pieces used in our models haven't been produced by LEGO® in years, so their rarity only increases their price as time goes by. As our costs increase, so must the cost of our models for us to continue to run a profitable business.
Why doesn't your model have this [insert detail here] or that [insert detail here]?
While we feel that our designs are the best in the world, we know that everything can be improved upon. In fact, we've improved on our own designs through the years for almost every model we sell - adding more realistic details and functions with each revision. Although it is possible to create a fantastic design once, the real trick in running this as a business is being able to create a fantastic, highly-realistic, life-sized model that uses parts which are widely available.
The difference between building a single model that uses 5 units of a very rare part and planning for the ability to sell hundreds of said model is vast. Sometimes we have to leave details out or make choices not based on what looks best, but according to how difficult it will be to get the parts in the future. Every part that was ever made is not necessarily in production any longer and all parts were not made in every LEGO® color. Some of the parts we use have become quite rare. We had to redesign many of our models over the years to contend with the fact that a core piece used in the design is now very hard to find; with nowhere near enough remaining in the world to support the number of kits we sell.
That said, we believe you'd still be hard-pressed to find designs better than ours, no matter how rare the parts used happen to be.
Will you make a [insert gun name here] model?
We're constantly planning new models and features, so feel free to email us with any suggestions. The Desert Eagle, Python .357 and PPK were all built specifically to address the hundreds of requests we've had for them over the years, so there's a good chance we'll release a model if there's enough demand for it.
How long have you been in business?
BrickGun was officially launched in 2006, but the models have been sold since 2001 after our lead designer created his first 9mm Model.
He built the model just to see if he could, then posted it on the web to share with his friends in the online LEGO® building community. The page got picked up on various "cool links" sites and immediately the requests to purchase kits began pouring in, so he complied. Since then there have been thousands of kits sold and numerous requests for other models so, after 5 years of selling kits, we decided to turn it into a true business and BrickGun was born.
Isn't it wrong to make guns out of plastic building bricks? What about the children?
First, while we do create the most realistic guns ever made using LEGO® bricks, we didn't invent the concept of making guns from them. Our lead designer distinctly remembers his first day care having a policy of "No LEGO® brick gun building allowed". That was over 50 years ago, so obviously they have been used to make guns long before BrickGun existed.
Second, you can only purchase from us via PayPal, which requires a credit card or bank account to set up, so someone on the buyer's end of the transaction must be at least 18 years old. If a parent/guardian is authorizing the purchase for a minor, that is their decision and responsibility.
Third, our kits aren't bought by small children, they are too complicated for a small child to build, especially if the child is so young that he/she doesn't know how to behave appropriately with a realistic model.
If someone has the money to buy one of our kits and the mental capacity to assemble it (or has a LEGO® brick collection extensive enough to buy our instructions and then build the model themselves) then they should be mature enough to know not to go waving it around in public, just like any other toy or airsoft gun.